Tranquetico is a popular Brazilian restaurant with a very modern interior, which is the reason why it is so popular in the Tranquetico area of São Paulo. The restaurant has a unique design which is great for people who do not like the traditional look of most restaurants, but prefer an eclectic mix of styles and colours.

Tranquetico is an open air restaurant which is why it does not have a traditional interior. It has a minimalist design and a wide range of foods from all over the world. This makes it one of the best restaurants in the São Paulo region to go and eat out. The decor of the restaurant is also great and makes it different from other restaurants in the area.

Tranquetico serves many different types of food which makes it different from other restaurants. There is a wide range of food available to try and this includes Chinese, Indian and Mexican foods. The main dishes at Tranquetico are usually Brazilian dishes which include tapa, patatas bravas, and crepes. These are usually served on banana leaves and some of them have meat in them. These are usually very tasty and will make you feel full for a long time.

Tapas are also very cheap and very easy to make. These are normally very simple tapas and involve very few ingredients but are very delicious. If you are looking for a quick and easy meal then you should definitely try tapas which will help you to fill up without having to eat a lot of food at once.

Crepes are another very popular dish at travesticomlocal sp. The crepes are actually very easy to make. They are made by taking a thin crepe dough which can be easily shaped and then rolling it out so that it looks like a loaf of bread. The rollers are placed into the pastry dough so that they are able to roll it out easily and form a perfect crepe.

Once you have made the crepe the process is then followed up by adding cream and sugar so that it is a perfect treat for breakfast. This is a very easy way to start your day and it is also very inexpensive so everyone can afford it. When eating out at Tranquetico you have the chance to sample many different foods, which means that you can see what each dish is like before going home and making it at home. You will get to try many different places from which you never thought there was a good Brazilian restaurant just a short drive away.