One of the prettiest places to visit is Manzanita Beach, near Sedona, Arizona. The picturesque setting offers a quiet respite from the noisy crowd of the big cities. For this reason, many people choose to visit Manzanita rather than somewhere else on the West Coast. Manzanita rentals are available at reasonable rates and many of these vacation rentals are in wonderful homes or condominiums overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

If you prefer to stay close to civilization, you should check out the Portland rentals on the market. They are close to all of the main business districts and offer a wide variety of accommodations. There are Manzanita rentals in various price ranges close to the main beaches. These include beach front homes and condos overlooking Oak Street, state park lodges, or historical cabins. All of these are within a walking distance to several attractions including the Portland Art Museum, the beautiful Charles Waterfront Park, and the sophisticated Waterfront Restaurant. If you enjoy staying at a hotel or other accommodations that are off the beaten path, Portland offers plenty of these as well.

The Lovin’ Hill Country Club is one of the finest vacation rentals in Oregon. This club was built to help travelers like you experience the scenic beauty of Oregon. With your own manzanita beach front house or condo, you can stay right on the beach. Your guests can take advantage of all of the amenities offered in this prime vacation spot. With your own private pool and tennis or golf course, your guests will feel right at home. You can also choose from various manzanita beach front houses and condos that are right off of the pristine Lovin’ Hill Country Club golf course.

For those who like to travel to remote mountain regions, you might want to consider a ski and snowboard resort vacation home. If you and your group plan to hit the slopes during the winter, this is an ideal place for you. The luxurious vacation homes are nestled among the tree covered mountains and filled with relaxing amenities. You and your family can enjoy access to a spa, outdoor hot tub, outdoor basketball courts, and a gated entry way. You can even find manzanita rentals in and around the Sugar Mountain ski area that will allow you to visit during the winter months and then stay the rest of the year.

There are other manzanita rentals near the coast of Oregon as well. Some of these properties are nestled at the foot of famous Mount Hood and offer commanding views of the Gorge. You and your family will love taking in the breathtaking vistas and excursions to the famous Mount Hood ski and snowboard trails. Other rentals in Oregon are a bit away from the crowds of the coast getaways, but still offer the beauty and relaxation you’re looking for. If you prefer to travel to remote mountain regions and have a unique vacation experience, you can find manzanita rentals in Corollas, Palm Springs, and Grants, which are only a short drive away from many beautiful attractions.

Of course, one of the most popular destinations when it comes to Oregon coast getaways is the historic Corollas/ Saddle Point National Seashore. The seashore is a beautiful, scenic setting for great outdoor adventures. You can take strolls along the beach and enjoy the beautiful views from every angle. You can also go for a long hike up the rocky cliffs and experience nature at its best. A few miles down the road from Corollas/ Saddle Point is the amazing Tillamook/Cape Cod National Seashore, where you can wander among giant cacti and view the scenic Willamette Valley.