Acim A Course in Miracles – Using the Law of Attraction to Control Your Life

ACIM A Course In Miracles, also known as the “Law of Attraction” is a popular book that many people use in their meditation practices. This is primarily because the book’s concept is so simple and intuitive; it naturally attracts those who read it. The author claims that if you are open to the miracle of the universe then you will manifest all types of abundance into your life. For those who have struggled with self-realization this is a valuable tool.

The underlying principle behind ACIM A Course In Miracles is that the single most important” Miracle” that occurs in our lives is the instant” Awareness of Love” that we experience in our daily life. Schucman said that this miracle takes place in our very first moment of awareness when we become aware of the “Awareness of Light” that emanates from our center. The author says that this awareness can be achieved by guided meditation and by concentrating completely on an object while visualizing the light around it. It can be said that through the practice of guided meditation we can gain the ability to fully realize this awareness and thereby fully realize our true self.

The first revelation that occurs to us is that we are loved. We experience all the love that everyone experiences when they are just going about their daily business. We recognize that others want and need us in a way that we cannot do for ourselves. In fact love is such a strong emotion that it causes us to act out against anything that forces us to act contrary to what we naturally feel. This is the basis of the concept of “The Law of Attraction.”

When we finally come to realize that we are loved, we then move into the area of being consciously aware of this. There are many different levels of awareness that can be reached when we truly begin to focus on our own being with all consciousness. We then begin to move from our own personal experience of love to that which is experienced by others, and finally to that which is experienced by all of reality as a whole.

When we find ourselves connecting to the Universal Oneness that permeates the universe, we then begin to notice patterns and energies that arise throughout our life. For example, if we notice that as we grow older, we tend to have these same patterns and energies in common. These are called the “Laws of Attraction.” We then begin to understand why certain things happen in our lives. For example, we know that as we age, our skin tends to become dry and wrinkled, and we also know that as the years go by, our hair will become thinner and less dense.

Our life’s journey can be directly linked to the Law of Attraction and acim A Course in Miracles teaches us how to use this powerful method to create the life of our dreams. It provides the tools to make positive changes that help to alleviate pain, frustration, stress, and despair. People often turn to the teachings of the Law of Attraction to help them alleviate such problems. These individuals discover that there is a way to connect with the Universal Mind or the Source of All That Is. With enough repetition, they can then create the kind of life that they want, regardless of the obstacles that might stand in their way.