Ifluidtec Leading Supplier of CBD Oil Extraction Machine

Ifluidtec is a reliable supplier and manufacturer in China for extraction machines and relative equipment in extension industries. The company develops equipment ranging from regular ethanol/alcohol extraction machine, low-temperature extraction machine to high-pressure critical extraction machine (either subcritical butane extractor or supercritical co2 extractor).

With the discovery of the medicinal value of cannabis and the rapid development of the cannabis medicinal industry, more and more manufacturers have transitioned from the initial R&D stage to medium and large-scale production.

Ifluidtec’s complete line of herb oil extraction production Line includes extraction tank, evaporation/ concentration tank, separation tank, storage tank, condenser, recycle tank, filter valves, pipes and etc., with software control for heating system, agitating system, vacuum control system, PID temperature system, circulation system, recycling system and etc., Auxiliary supports like ultrasonic, entainer to speed up the extraction process.

Ifluidtec also recommends their cannabis oil extraction and processing equipment, models ranging from experimental machines to large-scale production.Herbal extraction machine manufacturer and supplie

Cannabis whole treatment process can be divided into many steps, including plant raw material cultivation and picking; dry material treatment; selection and crushing treatment; hemp crude oil extraction; impurity removal; refining; separation and drying and etc., For the extraction process, there are currently 3 major methods as one supercritical CO2 extractor; two subcritical butane Extraction machine (shorten as BHO extractor); three alcohol extraction under ultra-low temperature. The ethanol extraction is more widely accepted than the other two because of the below reasons.

1.    Supercritical co2 extractor is clean, easy and fast. But the equipment itself is very costly in crafting and manufacturing. Thus as a lab size or trial stage, co2 extraction machine is suggested for R&D purposes. For continuous extraction way, it is not that economical effective. 

2.    The butane extraction machine is fast, cheap and easy too. But as butane itself is a flammable and explosive gas, it requires much more safety consideration in operation. For some CBD oil extraction machine, it is hard for them to apply or pass necessary production approval certificates. Butane is also not as easier to dispose the co2. Co2 is a gas widely existing in atmospheric environment. 

3.    Due to above mentioned reasons, ethanol is relatively a better choice.

Ifluidtec is capable of providing cannabis projects of all three methods. Welcome to contact.   

They not only provide reliable and superior quality machines but also full technical support. Helping buyers to perfect their extraction process and extraction technology. Widely used in food, nutrients, daily healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

What personnel they have?  

A technician team full of extraction, concentration, evaporation and distillation experience in design. A Manufacture team working under high standard requirement. An Installation team to serve in Chinese domestic and foreign countries.

Equipment Ranges:

Oil extraction machine

Botanical extractors

Supercritical extractors

Butane extractors

Essential oil extractors

Stainless steel evaporators




Extraction tank vessel

Those extraction machines can be classified as lab size extractor, trial and pilot extractor, medium size extraction machine to mass production botanical extraction line.

The User’s recognition and support are the powerful driving force for better management and development. Ifluidtec sincerely cooperates with their clients and works together to reach win-win results.

Contact: Sharry Zheng




Oneness And Harnessing Of The Secret Force Called The Human Mind

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