Welcome to ACIM, A Course in Miracles by David Hoffmeister, PhD. This online portal site is filled with acim free teaching resources, including articles, a course by David Pittman, The Practice of Perfection and many others. With this knowledge you can achieve your goals, whether they are spiritual or material. You will learn how to live deliberately and use the power of positive thinking to manifest things in your life.

David Hofmeister gives us a practical application for the laws of attraction to be applied to your daily life and how to use your thoughts and feelings to reach your goals. You’ll see how using the law of attraction really can help you become that successful person that you have always wanted to become. The concepts of positive thoughts, self-confidence, confidence, visualization and motivation will help you experience a tremendous change in your attitude, health, relationships, productivity, finances, self-confidence and others.

The primary focus of the course is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the metaphysical concepts of acimativity, causal continuation, the soul and the other side of the coin, which is being aware of yourself and others at all times. You will also explore the practical application of these teachings in the area of your life from family and romantic relationships to professional relationships, goals, career, spirituality, health, relationships, finances, self-confidence and the world around you. Each week you will receive an informative lesson and a selection of short audio and video audios. You will also have access to a library containing many of the lectures and short audio clips.

The primary focus of the audios is to stimulate your mind and consciousness so that your conscious and subconscious minds are connected in harmony. The acimine teaching techniques are used to help you achieve the state of awareness called awakened or self-aware. You will learn to be in touch with your inner wisdom by learning to unlock the secrets of your mind. You will experience profound changes in every aspect of your life, including the quality and content of your relationships, career, finances, creativity and productivity.

I spent three years learning about the esoteric principles of hoffmeister acimine and its profound practical application for people of all ages and levels of development. The secret of the mind is quite simple to understand and I did not need to be told that it is responsible for the quality of our lives. The secret is also responsible for making miracles happen in our world. When we are able to tap into this powerful part of ourselves, miracles happen. The secret of the mind can be unlocked through oneness and hoffmeister aiming techniques.

Oneness and Hoffman acimine teachings work hand in hand to help you change the way you think and the way you feel about yourself. Through oneness and hoffmeister aiming techniques, you can experience the extraordinary quality of living which results from unlocking the power of your mind. You can experience miraculous changes in all areas of your life through oneness and Hoffman acimine teachings.