If your old tap now has stopped working and left you with a hefty bill, maybe you can’t afford that bill this month, or maybe you just recently moved into a brand new home and feel that you don’t have enough of a spending budget to buy the best kitchen faucet. No problem – there are plenty of options out there, and we’re going to help you choose the best one for your situation. First off, let’s start out by discussing some basic tips and facts. If you know that your old tap was made in an era when faucets were either chrome or plastic, then chances are that your new one is made now in a style that is quite different. These two types are different because they have different wear and tear and thus require different products in order to provide you with the best overall performance.

With that being said, let’s go over the 5 Best kitchen faucet overall according to most consumer reviews. The first one on our list is the KitchenAid stand mixer faucet with the twin handles. This is hands down the best pull-out kitchen faucet overall because it has both pull out and push in designs. It’s also the most inexpensive faucet on our list, so you’re getting something for just about everyone.

Another option on our list is the KitchenAid kettle tool. This is considered the best pull-down touch2o style kitchen faucet overall but doesn’t fall too far behind in the other categories. The best pull-out kitchen faucets are those that have a wider base and a longer reach. This one has just about the widest, if not the widest reach of any kitchen faucets currently on the market. And like the KitchenAid stand mixer, this one is inexpensive and easy to use.

One last option we’re going to discuss today is the Kohler K series. If you’re looking for the best pull-out kitchen faucets, then you need to check out the Kohler K series. This is considered to be the best commercial-style kitchen faucet overall, and it comes standard with three different spray lengths, three separate handle designs, and two separate spray patterns. It’s also the most expensive faucet on our list at two hundred nine dollars. Kohler has also built a reputation as being one of the best brands for touchless kitchen faucets, so it’s easy to see why this is their bestselling product.

Finally, we have the Amerimax Fast Track Pull-down Touch2O kitchen sink spray head, which is easily one of the best pulls out of the bunch. The Amerimax Fast Track Pull-down Touch2O kitchen sink is available in both a one-handle and a two-handle version. We actually prefer the one-handle high arc brushed nickel finish over the two handle high arc brushed nickel finish, mainly because the one-handle is easier to control and operate. Like the Kohler K series, the Amerimax Fast Track Pull-down Touch2O is extremely easy to install, making it a very versatile piece of equipment.

At the end of the day, you should make your decision based on your specific needs and desires. Do you want a faucet that has a wider reach? Do you want a single-handle faucet that’s easy to control? Do you need a spray head that comes with multiple spray patterns? Whatever the case may be, the best kitchen faucet for you will be the one that fits all these needs and desires perfectly.