Mu moi ra is a unique online role playing video game that features 3D animated characters. It is similar to Day of Warcraft or Fall of Rome in its style. Many people in Vietnam, especially children, are fond of this new online game. They can’t help but compare it with their favorite cartoon characters like Spongebob Squarepants. It’s a good thing that there is a very good reason why they are fond of it: its online video game strategy.

Vietnam boasts one of the biggest mobile gaming markets in Southeast Asia. In fact, mobile games already out-sell PC games in terms of user base and revenue. The Vietnamese mobile game scene has also done very well, becoming an influence to many other Southeast Asian countries. Because of this success, game publishers in Vietnam are starting to release more mobile games, both free and paid.

But do mobile game publishers in Vietnam follow international norms when it comes to video game development? Or do they just simply copy whatever rules the video game publishers from the West follows. As usual, the general rule when it comes to mobile games is the more interactive the better. For example, Unity Ads SDK by Vuuo Mobile Entertainment allows integration of high resolution, clear and original photos and videos into the mobile games.

Unity Ads SDK makes it possible for Vietnamese publishers and developers to integrate Unity Ads components into their mobile games. These components, which include contextual advertising, also allow users in Vietnam to earn real cash while just simply spending time playing the game. Another component from Vuuo Ads SDK is the Unity Rewards System. It allows users in Vietnam to exchange virtual currency for real cash, thus giving another form of monetization to the users in the mobile games.

Aside from Unity Ads, Vuuo Mobile Entertainment also provides a lot of other services to Vietnamese publishers and developers. First, it offers a whole lot of services to help them promote and increase their market share in the mobile market in Vietnam. Among these services is the Game Discovery Channel, which brings together gamers and experts who are in the know about Vietnamese game and platform markets. From here, gamers can learn how to maximize their profits and minimize their losses in the Vietnamese mobile game market.

And lastly, Vuuo Mobile Entertainment also provides information access to mobile apps that are available on the Android platform, specifically the ViRiDroid, which offers a variety of features that will give the users a full control over their apps. Some of the most useful information access features include the built-in translator, the in-built file manager, the integration with Google Maps, and much more. With these two great tools provided by Vuuo, Vietnamese mobile game publishers will no longer have to spend lots of time worrying and laboring over what features and functions their app should have. They can simply focus on promoting their app and ensuring its success!