The Instagram account “Kai Cenat” has gained massive popularity in recent years with its short, funny comedy sketches. Since its first post in January 2017, it has grown to over 800,000 followers and 1.4 million YouTube subscribers. The teen dubbed the “Kiwi of the Internet” has an older brother and a twin sister. Recently, she has also joined the AMP YouTube channel and been featured in various fashion and lifestyle videos.

He’s committed to reducing the use of virgin plastic in their production, and he collaborates with Adidas to produce activewear made from recycled materials. His apparel is made from Parley Ocean Plastic and PrimeGreen recycled polyester. These materials are sourced from post-industrial and post-consumer waste, and both brands have pledged to reduce the use of virgin plastic. The company also practices mindful production, utilizing less water and energy.