If you’re looking for a cannabis strain that relaxes the mind, body and spirit, consider a Sativa. The Laughing Buddha has a THC level of 23%, while Mother Gorilla has a THC content of 20%. Both sativas are popular for their energizing effects, but Laughing Buddha is a better choice for indoor gardeners.

Banana Mango is a powerful Sativa that has hints of mango and sweet banana. This hybrid was developed by the Humboldt Seed Company and crossed with Blueberry Muffins to produce the Banana. The resulting strain gives users a tingly sensation that morphs into euphoria and a creative high. The weed is said to improve motivation and alertness.

Another Sativa strain is Banana Mango. Its scent and taste are similar to those of a mango and are reminiscent of the fruit. This hybrid was created by Humboldt Seed Company and crossed with Blueberry Muffins. Its high is a euphoric feeling. Some people report that it helps them concentrate. This uplifting and energizing effect can be a great way to get through the day.

Sativa cannabis plants have a relatively long flowering time. This is why they aren’t typically grown indoors, but can be successfully grown with a 12-hour light period. Some hybrid sativas, like Kali Mist, don’t promote energy. A good hybrid strain can still be grown under the same light conditions, but you should expect to see the same effect. This is because of the crossbreeding process.

Sativa Weed strains are popular with recreational and medical users. Jack Herer is a classic sativa that’s popular for treating pain and stimulating creativity. It’s best for people who love the outdoors and want to enjoy the feeling of being high. They are an excellent choice for anyone who needs to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Indica strains can also help with stress relief and insomnia.

The sativa strains are known for being the best for a high-energy high. Their terpene content is what makes them such an excellent choice for high-stacks and concentrates. The sativa strains that are considered to be sativa dominant are favored by medical patients for their ability to provide both terpenes and energy. Sativa Weed Strains Are a Great Choice

A Sativa dominant strain, Purple Haze was created from the cross of two Haze and Purple Thai strains. It is the strongest haze weed strain with a THC content of 26%. It provides high energy, promotes focus and creativity. It is also a great choice for daytime use. Sativas are also great for relaxation. They can be used for daytime purposes.