One of the most popular social networks is Facebook, which has been around for over two decades. It is the biggest social network, and it also owns WhatsApp and Instagram. This means that it has lifelong data on its users, which can become outdated quickly. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get this kind of data. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can access it in just minutes.

A number of features in this ad platform are useful for Facebook marketers, including a reporting tool. The first feature allows you to create reports for any ad you have created. With the help of a date selection tool, you can compare several campaigns to determine which ones performed the best. It also lets you compare key performance metrics and compare different ads. Once you’ve got a better idea of what works, you can start creating better ads.

The second feature allows you to create reports for any ad you have created. This tool allows you to see how certain ads performed in the past and make improvements in the future. It is easy to set up rules that will automatically turn off an ad if it exceeds a certain amount of money. This tool also has a powerful ad editor, which gives you the ability to add more keywords and create longer headings.

You can also create reports for any ad you have created. You can select a date range for the report. This allows you to analyze past ads and improve your ad creations. The tool is also useful for comparing several campaigns and key performance metrics. You can even view the data in graphs. The information you get can be very useful in determining what kind of ad is right for your business. This is a great tool for digital marketers who want to make their Facebook marketing as effective as possible.

The other feature of the tool is its reporting tool. It allows you to create reports for any ad, regardless of its location or duration. It also allows you to compare several ads, which can help you create better ads in the future. Using this, you can optimize the effectiveness of your advertisements. Its ad placement interface is simple to use and offers many advanced features. A simple report can show the average cost of a campaign.

Ads runner will give you the data you need to improve your ads. The tool will allow you to see the cost per conversion of each ad and how much it costs per click. And you can even see which ad has been most effective for your business. It can help you determine which ads are the best to run. The power editor is an advanced advertising tool, and it offers an extended date selection tool. In addition to that, it also allows you to view the key performance metrics of your campaigns.