You should contact an Alimentum Recall Lawyer to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. The is made with similic acid, which can cause serious gastrointestinal problems. If you or your child has been exposed to this product, you may be eligible for Alimentum Recall Compensation. It is important to understand the consequences of purchasing this contaminated formula and to take legal action if you were injured by it.

The company, Abbott Laboratories, has voluntarily recalled a number of infant formulas. The recalled powder formulas were manufactured in a facility in Sturgis, Michigan and were distributed in several states. This tainted formula is also found in Canada, where health officials are warning consumers of the risks. The foodborne illnesses caused by the contaminated baby formula may be life-threatening, and a lawyer could help you pursue compensation.

There is a class action lawsuit against Abbott Laboratories. This lawsuit alleges that the company was negligent in manufacturing the contaminated formulas. The FDA has found that there are a number of reports of infants getting infections after consuming the contaminated formula. The manufacturer is required to pay the damages caused by the contamination. The plaintiff filed this lawsuit because her daughter contracted severe infections after she consumed the contaminated powdered formula.

The contaminated baby formulas were produced by Abbott Laboratories, Inc., a company owned by the parent company. Currently, there are more than a hundred million bottles of the recalled baby formula in the United States. In fact, the tainted product may even be sold in other countries. Luckily, this recall will only affect a handful of infants in the United States, so it’s worth contacting an Alimentum Recall Lawyer to learn about your options.

A class action lawsuit alleges that a company’s failure to provide consumers with safety is the cause of the tainted baby formula. The lawsuit alleged that the contaminated powdered formulas were causing infants to get infections. The FDA investigated the complaints, and a recall was issued. There is also a possible risk of death and property damage. The plaintiff’s family is suing Abbott for the damages.

A lawsuit filed against the tainted baby formulas has been pending since the tainted baby formula was first recalled. The contaminated baby formulas were manufactured at an Abbott facility in Michigan. The contamination was found in many of the products that are sold in the United States, including Similac and Nutrient Plus. In addition to the tainted formulas, the contaminated powdered infant formulas may have led to serious health issues and infections.

If you’ve purchased the contaminated baby formula, you may be eligible for monetary compensation. A lawsuit against the manufacturer is the best way to ensure that you’re paid the proper amount of compensation for your suffering. If your child was injured or died as a result of consuming the tainted formula, you may be able to sue for compensation. You may be eligible for damages if you have been affected by the contaminated product.