Jake Paul is taking a seven-month boxing break. His last fight was on December 18 when he knocked out Tyron Woodley in brutal fashion. The Florida native floored his opponent in the sixth round. In the last thirteen months, Paul has competed four times, beating him in the first round on points. Since then, he has knocked out Ben Askren and Nate Robinson. This time, he will promote the lightweight showdown between Amanda Serrano and Katie Taylor.

When the referee signals the break, boxers must stand up. They cannot hit their opponent immediately after being knocked down. If they do, they will be penalized with points and may lose their title. After the break, boxers can’t use their hands to clinch up. They can’t intentionally spit their mouthpiece to gain rest. If a fighter is “floored,” they must go to the nearest neutral corner. If they are knocked down, they have ten seconds to get back up and start fighting. In any round, a knocked-down boxer cannot be saved by the bell.

A break is called during a fight when one or both boxers are clinched up. The fighters are not allowed to hit each other until the break is signaled. Once a fight has started, the fighters must take a step back. A fight restarts when a fighter is knocked down. The boxer can’t attack his opponent until the break is over. During the break, a boxer cannot throw a low blow.

During a boxing match, a fighter cannot be knocked out unless the referee calls for a break. A fighter who is knocked out is not allowed to hit his opponent after the break, and can’t intentionally spit his mouthpiece to avoid getting hit. The referee scores every bout by a panel of three judges. This means that each of the three judges will give a knockout a score.

When the referee signals a มวยพักยก, the boxer must take a full step back to recover from the knockdown. He also cannot immediately strike the opponent. The referee will give the boxer a five-minute rest when he is knocked out. Once he is on the floor, he must go to a neutral corner. If the referee does not, the fighter will have to continue fighting.

The referee will call a break if a fighter is knocked out and takes a full step back when the referee says that the fight is over. The referee will not give a boxer a break if he is knocked out. If he is knocked out, the boxer must take a full step back. In addition, the fighter cannot deliberately spit out his mouthpiece in order to rest.