With the advent of advanced technology, cellular top-up services become more comfortable for customers. They can be used for various purposes, starting from refilling the phone to make payments online. The process of refilling the cellphone can be boring and time consuming. Top-up Mobile DNBC is a convenient solution for global users. The company understands that manual recharging is not user-friendly and has synchronized digital methods for prepaid cellphones with a digital banking system. This will take advantage of user experience and add value to DNBC services. With this service, users will be able to do prepaid top-ups anytime, from anywhere.

To use this service, you must first enter your service provider online account. Enter with your username and password and then enter the cellphone number you want to refill. After you enter the number, you must choose the denomination that you want to refill. Denomination will vary from the operator to the operator. Then, enter your credit card details. The เติมเงิน ais process will begin soon.

To add AIS, you can go to the official AIS website and use the eservice to enter with a username and password. You can also go to the convenience store, including Tesco / Lotus and Big C, where you can easily buy AIS cards. Seven-11 stores no longer sell Top-up AIS. However, most of the conversation stores now have a boonterm top up machine, which allows you to add money to your account and pay various bills.

AIS has customer support in English, which means you can call them at 1175 if you need help. Or, you can go to a physical top-up shop or boot to get help. Make sure you wait until the problem is repaired, and you might find a better solution at other cellular stores. Staff at these shops understand the Thai mobile system. However, it is still difficult to get help if you are not familiar with that language.