Despite being a small TV channel, Euronews competes with the main players in their niches. To succeed, it is necessary to meet clear demand and ensure high quality content. Credibility is very important to succeed, because consumers are interested in impartial and current news. News channel analysis in Europe by MBV shows this. As a traveler, Euronews is a very good choice. This is available on mobile devices and can be accessed while traveling.

Euronews also invests in cellular reporting via the iPhone. It became the first TV news outlet in the world to broadcast direct coverage from the sinking of MV Aquarius. For 10 days, Paris Correspondent Annelete Borges broadcasts his report. The coverage was broadcast on many news websites around the world, and the story gathered a very large Euronews credibility and increased its audience. In addition, Euronews employs new correspondents in big cities, and companies also use the NBC News Global Correspondent Network.

The Europea news night program, Raw Politics, was launched on September 17. Initially organized by Sam Naz, the program featured former Sky News reporter Darren McCaffrey. It was followed by Euronews Tonight, a five -hour news event, presented by Isabelle Kumar. This was broadcast late at night, and repeated Euronews the previous day. In addition to Euronews tonight, Euronews also broadcasts several special programs in the European and World Parliament, such as the European Union, its financial affairs, international security, and the economy.

Euronews has an audience worldwide, with more than 4.3 million cable and satellite customers. Its scope includes the latest developments in all new digital cable networks. In addition, Euronews has an extensive distribution network, reaching more than 155 million households worldwide. In addition, available on mobile phones, PDAs, and airlines. There are no advertisements in Euronews. This network has become a main source of news and information for European citizens.

Some of the most popular news channels are Reuters TV and TRT, both of which are specialized in certain fields. Other channels, such as TV5, are broadcast in various languages. PETV also has an international distribution network, although the number of customers is limited. News programming is different from its competitors in terms of frequency and fame. So, when it comes to evaluating European news channels, it’s good to know which offers high -quality programming.

Euronews has a variety of programs. During the day, Euronews airing Good Morning Europe, which airs weekdays starting at 7 am. Initially anchored by Tesa Arcilla, but after he moved to Brussels, Belle Donati became the main anchor. In July, Euronews introduced Euronews Now, a six -hour news program that was moored by Tokunbo Salako.

DW broadcasts through the global satellite network, with six satellites covering five continents. This can be received directly in more than 120 million homes. DW has three foreign bureaus, including one in Berlin. Its scope covers the world and employs 235 people. One third of them is a journalist. For more information, visit Europea News