The Tavor Operator T shirt features a design that reflects the OTA brand. The t-shirt features the company logo on the chest and comes in either an olive green or black colour. The shirt is made of 100% cotton and is pre-shrunk and double-stitched. Israeli Tavor TAR-21 assault rifles have been the preferred weapon of Israeli forces for many years. The Israeli Tavor has been in continuous production since 2005 and has proved to be a reliable weapon for the Israel Defense Forces.

Tavor has a slim design and a shorter barrel than M4. This is a quarter close battle rifle, but can reach a range of bullets by 5.56mm. The range of increased tavor also increases its accuracy. While the mass center is an important factor in the design of an assault rifle, Tavor ergonomics makes it stand out. Its weight, balance, and overall balance is the top priority for Tavor Operator T shirt.

In addition, the Tavor X95 is being produced locally in India, after modification. This new model uses a 5.56mm Minsas cartridge. In collaboration with Israel, the weapons factory council signed an agreement to produce the Tavor X95 in India. This program was not take off, but IWI and Punj Llyod formed a joint venture to produce a Tavor weapons system in India. This weapon will be the next generation of Bullpup.

Ace Ace is a continuation of Ace Galil. This is built on the same reliable mechanism from the original Galil. The trigger is set in seven pounds for maximum tavour performance. Tavor’s pistol handle is available for IWI IWI Masada “Secondary” Sarong IWI. Both models have a traditional trigger protector and are made with stock that is designed ergonomically.