Mertz MPO 800 is a high -speed printer that can produce quality molds on various materials. This device is equipped with an Ormocer (R) class laser, which allows it to process various polymer systems at high speed. Ormocers offer extraordinary mechanical, optical, and chemical properties. Many photoresis is very sensitive at the wavelength of TPP 522 Nm. Here are some of the main features of MPO 800.

-Printer MPO 800 can print two -sided pages, or one side. The two -sided screen has a large screen, and you can change the size of the text and position using the menu on the printer rear panel. MPO 800 also allows you to adjust the sensitivity to the adjusted level, which is very important for printing high -quality output. The printer can be operated with one or two hands.

– MPO 800 has a unique authorization ID for the Korean market. This number is assigned to products by the Korean Communication Commission. This product is sold by Emplus, which is a company that produces and sells devices. The authorization number for MPO 800 is the RR-MPQ-MPO-800 and approved in 2019-06-26 below the 2019172100160727 application number.

– MPO connectors can be used to connect several types of fiber. The MTP connector is a continuation version of MPOS. Unlike other connectors, MTP is compatible with most of the optical cables. And, both the MTP and MPO800 connectors have a white point to identify the first fiber. It is important to remember the position of this connector so you can harmonize the fiber correctly. If you need an MPO connector, consider buying an MTP cable.

MPO cable polarity scheme is another important aspect of optical communication. The transmit signal must match the recipient’s signal so that the connection remains intact. The MPO cable polarity scheme requires you to use a cable that can support both types of signals. You can get one of these types of cables using this method, which is described in industrial standards. They are also a little different from each other, so you have to choose the correct MPO cable to ensure that your communication can be relied upon.

The MPO 8-12 connector supports eight fiber at 25 GB/S and eight fiber at 100 GB/S. Both of these connectors are usually used in large data centers. The MPO-8 connector is capable of sending data at the same speed as the 12-fiber MTP/MPO cable system. However, the MPO-24 connector supports 16 fiber but not eight. So, if you consider the MPO 8-12 cable, consider the following points to choose the right cable for your needs.

The MPO connector is suitable for a hard environment. The MPO connector must be tested for the loss of insertion when installing it. You can also choose the MPO IP68 connector for a higher speed network. This will protect your optical fiber from water and dust. This cable is more resilient to elements than other types of cables. They also have high quality layers and are durable for better protection. There are many other features of the MPO connector, so it’s good to investigate what they can do for you.