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Detailing services include applying polish or correctie lac, degreasing jantles, and covering nevopsite surfaces with a microfiber lavet. Polishing your car’s surface may take a few steps, depending on the condition of the paint. If it’s not in great shape, you might need to repeat the process for a slightly more shiny finish. If you want a more reflective finish, use a polishing product, such as Autoglycerin.

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To get started, you’ll need a microfiber polishing lavet and microfiber polishing tool. First, you’ll want to degrease and clean any jantles or dirt on your vehicle’s exterior. Next, you’ll want to use a decontaminating chemical to remove bits of bitum from the surface. Next, you’ll want to protect the nevopsite surfaces. If your car’s paint is in decent condition, you can try using a polishing product. Once this step is done, the car will look just like new.